VDO.AI : A Futuristic Stance for Video Advertising

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The Internet has changed generation Y.  It has essentially not only brought the globe together, connecting them through smartphones and high-speed WIFI, but the boom and high rate of connectivity have opened a floodgate for video content on the internet. With 5G just around the corner, video is going to be the dominant form of content on the web. There’s the problem of plenty, and the intense inevitability to stand out from the crowd. Necessity is the mother of invention.

The Trailblazer Way

VDO.AI was created out of the need to host, distribute and monetize the video content on websites. This solution was built back in 2016 and perfected over many months where it saw over 300 million users during the period. The solution turned out to be better than anything out in the market. Eventually, the product was launched in public beta in 2017 and it has been growing exponentially since.

With the video content coming to mainstream media, businesses are still struggling to figure out how to tap the new medium profitably. Video is much more complex to produce, host, distribute and monetize than other traditional forms of content. Bigger players like YouTube and Facebook have been able to build custom solutions to solve their challenges but the general web ( other websites ) is still to catch up to the power of video.

The Man Who Knows the Future

The technology VDO.AI built helps the general web access the power of video content and advertising. Within a short time of 2 years, they are working with over 1000 websites, streaming over 2 petabytes of video content every month and serving over 3 billion ads.
The brain behind this ingenuity is Amitt Sharma, the architect, serial-entrepreneur, futurist and CEO at VDO.AI  ( https://vdo.ai ).  A self-taught prodigy, he started his first company at age 15. A self-taught engineer, he went on to build category-leading software products having millions of users globally.

He has had two exits and two patents pending, five published research papers in the world’s leading tech journal IEEE, besides having contributed to NASA and MIT Media Lab.  An advocate of innovation with a keen interest in building for the future, this young CEO is Passionate about Technology, Philosophy, and Physics and is constantly re-inventing himself.

“I believe in being where the puck is going to be. I am excited about the future and want to play my part in making it happen.” He says.

Leveraging the Power of Disruptive Marketing

Commenting on the value addition of VDO.AI he says “VDO.AI helps the web publishers of all sizes have access to cutting edge video serving and monetization technology. This technology not only means higher user engagement but also an increase in the revenue by up to 50% for these websites”

VDO.AI is growing every day, changing as fast as technology. Their primary goal is to aid the general web access the power of video advertising and content through their state-of-the-art technology.

The two-year-old bootstrapped startup is set to bring alive a revolution in the video advertising industry. Their ambitious goals for the future involve empowering websites with video content and advertising solutions, building next-generation video technology for AR and VR platforms to keep them operating in a free to access model like the internet is now.


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